Severe Weather Shelter Locations

Severe-Weather-Shelter-Sign-NHE-13197_300The UTSA Office of Emergency Management is currently conducting assessments of campus facilities to determine areas that may be utilized as severe weather shelters.  If you are on campus when severe weather occurs or tornado warning are issued, it is recommended that you use good independent judgment in regard to your immediate safety and act quickly and appropriately.

As a general rule:

  • Seek an interior room with no windows (or glass walls) on the lowest level of a building.
  • Rooms without an exterior wall are preferred, and please avoid auditoriums or rooms with high/vaulted ceilings.
  • At UTSA, we highly recommend interior restrooms and exit stairwells as places of safe refuge during severe weather, although some classrooms, conference rooms, meeting spaces, or hallways may also work well.
  • Heed the weather warnings provided by National Weather Service and/or the UTSA Alerts Emergency Notification System, and listen to local news stations or monitor radars.
  • Act quickly, warn other around you, and remain in a safe place until conditions improve.

Look for the red “Severe Weather Shelter” signs on campus.  Remember, preparedness is EVERYONE’s responsibility!

Click the link for a map of severe weather shelter locations across UTSA: Severe Weather Shelter Map.

Note:  UTSA continues to evaluate areas that may be designated as a severe weather shelter.  Please use good, independent judgment regarding your safety if a severe weather shelter is not located near you, and follow the general rules stated above.  Questions:  Email us at