Health Can’t Wait: Wellness Tips to Prepare for Potential Flooding

In addition to securing shelter during times of storms and flooding, take a few minutes to address health needs of yourself and others in the case these events take several days and/or weeks to resolve.

  • Retrieve medications at your local pharmacy in advance.  It’s best to stay with national chain pharmacies so medications are transferable and accessible where ever you are in the nation.
  • Don’t put off medical conditions that need immediate attention.  Address these issues with a physician ahead of time and before they can potentially worsen (i.e. an infection or pain).  Immediate medical help may not be available during the storm.
  • Pack extra special foods if you have food allergies.
  • Pack medications, measuring spoons, freezer block packages in case you need to keep medications cold, and any equipment that must accompany medications and treatments.  Check if equipment can run on batteries.
  • Stock up on bottled water, especially water in the gallon jugs to keep hydrated.
  • Stock up on prepackaged and non perishable food.
  • Stagnant and faucet water may run the risk of contamination.  Keep hydrated by drinking bottled water.
  • Bacteria can live in stagnant water.  Stay away from these pools of water as much as possible, but in the event you need to wade through, try to clean yourself with sanitizing solution you have access to and change your clothing.
  • Be cautious when wading in water because small animals or vermin may be present.
  • Other items to keep in mind:  non-electric can opener, knives, hand sanitizers and cleaners, batteries, plastic bags, extra food, hand fans, spray misters, hand towels, paper towels.
  • Hygiene items such as toothbrush and paste, mouthwash, floss, soap, deodorant, tampons, pads.
  • Any extra clothing.
  • Keep all these items in totes in case of a potential flooding (to keep items dry) and/or evacuation.
  • Don’t forget your pets have similar if not the same needs!