Floor Captains Safety Liaison Program


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Floor Captain Safety Liaison Program

The UTSA Floor Captain program was initiated to empower volunteer employees with the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to help fellow building occupants evacuate/shelter-in-place as quickly and as safely as possible should an emergency occur. During the evacuation, these volunteers assist emergency responders in an efficient evacuation, and are available to assist those who need physical aid in leaving a building.  More volunteers are required to increase the effectiveness of this program. Review the brochure for more information.

What Floor Captains are Not

Floor Captains are not required to put their own safety in jeopardy.  They are not expected to perform any duties that require expertise and or extensive training, such as putting out large fires.  Floor Captains are not to carry out any task that they cannot perform safely.  When conducting building evacuations they are not expected to argue with people who do not wish to cooperate or be safety or emergency personnel experts.

The Training

Floor Captains must attend Floor Captain Safety Liaison Training with the UTSA Office of Emergency Management.  This training also involves hands on training with evacuation chairs, fire extinguishers, crime prevention, and active shooter awareness by partnering with the UTSAPD Crime Prevention Unit and the UTSA Office of Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management.

The Preparation

Upon completion of the training Floor Captains are expected to let all permanent faculty and staff on the assigned floor know who they are and meet with employee staff on the assigned floor individually or in groups.  Floor Captains are expected to ask office occupants to complete Occupancy Forms and review the UTSA Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan.

The Emergency

Floor Captains assist emergency personnel in evacuating people.  In certain emergencies, there may not be enough first responders to assist everyone in every building.  Floor Captains help to calm the situation and help in the effort to restore order and return UTSA to normal operations.

Floor Captain Safety Liaison Volunteers Needed

The University of Texas at San Antonio is currently recruiting new members for the Floor Captain Program to assist during evacuation events.  The objective of this program is to empower employees who volunteer with the knowledge required to help fellow floor occupants evacuate as quickly and safely as possible should an emergency occur. Floor Captains will assist emergency responders in an efficient evacuation, particularly in assisting those with special physical needs. We require more volunteers to increase the effectiveness of this program.  We are especially in need of volunteers for the following buildings:  Applied Engineering & Technology, Arts Building,  Biosciences Building, Biotechnology Science & Engineering,  Science Building, Child Development Center, Chisholm Hall Dormitory, and the Humanities & Social Sciences Building.

Your help would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to join please contact the UTSA Office of Emergency Management at 458-6851 or email BePrepared@utsa.edu.