Students, Faculty and Staff

UTSA provides various methods to notify students, faculty and staff of a developing situation or emergency.  The following  technologies allow UTSA  students,  faculty,  and  staff  to  receive  life  safety  and security messages at any of the UTSA campuses or via their mobile/landline devices.

UTSA Alerts Emergency Notification System 

In the event of a campus- wide incident threatening life safety, the university will activate the UTSA Alerts system, which is an enhanced emergency telephone, text and email notification system for students, faculty, and staff. When activated, the system will send emergency information and protective actions to registered recipients. The UTSA Alerts system is tested monthly.

To receive emergency updates by text, email, or voice message:

Log in to ASAP and sign up for “UTSA Alerts” under the personal information tab. You can also update your contact information and customize your notification settings in ASAP.

Giant Voice Mass Notification System

UTSA also has an indoor and outdoor mass notification system at the Main Campus, Downtown Campus, and Institute of Texan Cultures. The system features eight outdoor siren towers that optimally can be heard within 1,600 feet of each tower on the Main Campus. In an emergency, the high-power sirens will broadcast alerts via a live or recorded voice message tailored to the emergency situation. Most buildings feature an indoor emergency notification system, which utilizes the fire alarm system speakers to broadcast emergency messages.

Alertus Desktop Notification & e-Panic Button

During a campus emergency, the UTSA Office of Emergency Management (OEM)  has the capability to send a desktop notification with life safety information via a scrolling ticker, pop-up window, or a full-screen override. Additionally, the ePanic button on university desktop computers allows students, faculty, and staff to send a silent alert to PD dispatch if they should find themselves in distress. Information on the ePanic button can be found at  ePanic Button FAQS.

UTSA Mobile App

The university maintains a mobile app for smartphones, whereby an “emergency info” section is included to provide mobile access to emergency resources. From the app, users can click on the emergency info section and have access to direct dial options for emergency and non-emergency purposes, link directly to the Campus Alerts website, call the emergency hotline at (210) 458- SNOW (7669), and have access to the emergency response guide. The UTSA app is available for download through app stores for Apple, Android, and Google Play.

UTSA LiveSafe App

The LiveSafe app allows students, faculty, staff and visitors to:

  • Report Suspicious Activity – Share information with UTSA Police Dispatch.
  • Access information on UTSA Safety Resources.
  • Report Incidents – Quickly and easily submit a report.
  • Emergency Options – Quickly access help in an emergency.
  • Safewalk – Virtually walk contacts to their intended destination and know when they have arrived.

How to add the LiveSafe app to your device:

  1. Download “LiveSafe” from Google Play or the App Store.
  2. Register with your phone number.
  3. Select “The University of Texas at San Antonio” as your school.

Campus Alerts Website 

The UTSA OEM maintains the Campus Alerts website to keep students, faculty, staff, and the general public informed on the status of university operations on a daily basis. Campus Alerts  is a single source for information on the status of on-going emergencies, a clearinghouse for preparedness tips/information, university resources, UTSA closures prompted by severe weather, health, and other emergencies.  Campus Alerts can be found at

Emergency Hotline: 458-SNOW (7669)

UTSA has an emergency recorded message phone line. UTSA faculty, staff, students, parents, and visitors can call 210-458-SNOW (7669) at any time for information about the university regarding the status of classes and employee work schedules.

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter) 

The use of social media sites provides a valuable means of interacting with the community. UTSA utilizes social media websites to enhance communication and can disseminate information related to campus emergencies, crime alerts, or issues concerning public safety.