From the UTSA Police Department:


The law states you cannot consume or possess alcohol if you are less than 21 years of age.

UTSA Police will issue tickets for violation of underage drinking laws.
The majority of violent crimes on campus are related to alcohol abuse.
Avoid drinking games. Frequent binge drinking can lead to long-term alcohol problems.

Be Rowdy! Be Responsible!

Watch for signs of alcohol poisoning such as breathing slow (10 or less per minute), passed out or stuporous or lips/skin turning blue.  Call for emergency medical assistance immediately!


Illegal drugs don’t belong on campus. You could end up in jail.  Most violations of Texas drug laws are felonies with up to 99 years in prison.
Prescription drug abuse is still drug abuse. It’s illegal to take someone else’s prescription.

Drug abuse affects your school work, your friends, your family and your health.

Alcohol Edu

All incoming freshmen and transfer students with 30 or less credits must complete the Alcohol Edu program online.

To begin AlcoholEdu for College:

  1. Open Internet Explorer (do not use Firefox, Safari or other Internet engines).
  2. Log onto ASAP at
  3. Click on AlcoholEdu for College icon
  4. Use your myUTSA email address to create your account.  Type the email address correctly because the Confirmation of Completion will be sent to you.
  5. Start the course!

When completed, you should receive a confirmation of completion of part I
via your myUTSA email address.  Save the confirmation!

Part II will be sent to you within 45 days of completing Part I.  You will receive another confirmation of completion via your email address.  Some auto insurance companies accept this certificate for a discount!