UTSA Continues Preparedness Drills

Attention:  UTSA Community

Thank you for supporting emergency preparedness at the University of Texas at San Antonio.  UTSA will continue to implement emergency preparedness drills according to UTSA’s annual fire evacuation exercise plan.  The UTSA Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management (EHSRM) Department, in conjunction with the UTSA Offices of Emergency Management (OEM), Facilities, and University Police, perform fire evacuation exercises (fire drills) in each major campus building at least once per year.  OEM and EHSRM have reviewed current security conditions around the country and agree that investing in creating a culture of preparedness at UTSA remains the prudent course of action.

Students, staff, and faculty should check this website frequently during campus emergencies before notifying Police Dispatch to verify alarm events.

Questions?  Please call the UTSA Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management Department at 458-5250

Updated:  May 17, 2013