North Thermal Energy Plant – Heating Issue Being Addressed

NTEP:  Experiencing Problems with Steam Output

The NTEP (North Thermal Energy Plant) is currently experiencing problems with steam output capacity, affecting comforting heating, steam for autoclaves and domestic hot water usage for dishwashers, showers and washing machines.   Affected buildings include all core Main campus buildings with the exception of the BSE, AET, NPB, PNB and West campus:  BSE and AET buildings are serviced by the STEP (South Thermal Energy Plant).    Facilities is currently working to resolve the problem and a follow-up email will be sent once work has been completed.  Facilities staff will be monitoring building temperatures, but we do not anticipate needing to evacuate any buildings at the present time.  For additional information or to report a loss of heating please contact Facilities Work Control at 458-4262.