Home Invasion – Robbery

The San Antonio Police Department is investigating an off-campus home invasion that occurred during the early morning hours of June 13, 2016, at the Hill Country Place apartments located about ½ mile from the UTSA Main campus.


According to the report, as a resident was leaving his apartment, he was forced back into the apartment by two suspects who entered his apartment with him.  Both suspects were wearing paintball type masks and one suspect displayed a handgun. The suspects forced their way into the apartment and threatened everyone in the apartment; they then ordered them all into one room. The suspects searched the apartment and took several items. A third suspect was reported to have been waiting outside of the apartment. All suspects are described as black males.


If you have any information that might be helpful in this investigation, please contact the UTSA Police Department by telephone at (210) 458-4242; in person at the Main Campus Bosque Building; or anonymously through “Silent Witness,” at: http://utsa.edu/utsapd/forms/witness.cfm.


Safety Tips:


  1. BE CAREFUL WHEN OPENING YOUR APARTMENT DOOR – Do not open your door unless you know the person at the door. Do not open your door to strangers!
  2. BE CAREFUL LEAVING OR RETURNING TO YOUR APARTMENT – If you encounter what you believe is a dangerous or suspicious situation or persons while you are coming from or going to your apartment, go to a safe location and call police.
  3. REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY – Criminals do not want to be seen or heard. They rarely commit crime in front of police officers. We rely on the community to report suspicious activity. We would much rather respond and not be needed than not be called when a crime could have been prevented or stopped. Trust your instincts; if something does not feel right, it probably isn’t.
  4. BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS – Avoid going to secluded areas of the campus alone. If public restrooms are in a dark or concealed area of the campus, find a trusted classmate or colleague to go to these areas with you. You may also call UTSA Police to request a safety escort.
  5. SECURE ALL WINDOWS AND DOORS – Be mindful when leaving and arriving to your destination. Keep windows and doors locked.
  6. PROGRAM THE CAMPUS POLICE NUMBER INTO YOUR PHONE – Within the campus community our police department can respond to emergencies much faster than local law enforcement – Call (210) 458-4911.