FAQ’s: How UTSA Officials Monitor Weather and What You Should Know

During periods of inclement weather, UTSA officials continuously monitor the weather with the safety of the UTSA community in mind.  The UTSA Office of Emergency Management coordinates with the National Weather Service, City of San Antonio, and other local, state, and federal agencies to receive the latest forecast information, as well as conditions of streets and highways.  The following frequently asked questions will help guide you on what may happen at UTSA:

When does UTSA determine whether or not to close the campuses due to adverse weather?

When inclement weather conditions are expected, UTSA Administrators, in consultation with the UTSA Office of Emergency Management, will assess the latest forecasts and local conditions to determine whether or not to close UTSA campuses.  The time frame for deciding this process is based on anticipated or ongoing conditions, and varies from situation to situation.  Generally, UTSA will try to give as much lead-time to the campus community concerning a possible closure, which can occur in the evening (before 10 p.m.) or early morning (before 5 a.m.).  Subsequently, University Communications and/or Emergency Management staff members will update the (210) 458-SNOW [7669] message, websites, provide notifications, and contact media outlets.

At other universities, they continue to have classes regardless of snow or ice. What criteria are used to close UTSA?

UTSA is committed to making the best decision concerning the safety of students, faculty, and staff.  In San Antonio, even a small amount of ice might create an unsafe situation, considering that students and employees travel to the university from various distances.  For example, weather in the Hill Country may not be the same as in southern portions of Bexar County.  Other universities that are located in the interior of the city may experience very different weather than UTSA on the northside, which may factor in to operational decisions.

What if my situation appears dangerous, and I cannot determine whether or not UTSA is closed?

Everyone is encouraged to make a prudent decision about traveling to campus in consideration of the weather in their area.  Use good, independent judgment concerning driving conditions in your area, and be aware of any road closures or inclement conditions.  In the event the university is open and your conditions are too dangerous to drive, it is advised to communicate with your professors, coworkers, supervisors, and others about your situation and driving conditions.

How will I be notified of a campus closure?

In the event of a campus closure due to inclement weather or other situation, the university will activate the UTSA Alerts emergency notification system.  Users who have opted-in to the UTSA Alerts system will receive a text or voice message, and an email, about the status of campus operations and other pertinent information.  If you are unsure of your registration status, or want to update your information in UTSA Alerts, login to ASAP, then click on the “personal information” tab, then select “UTSA Alerts” to verify/update your information in the system.  If you wish to not receive alerts, you can check the status of campus operations on the UTSA Alerts homepage.  Information will also be posted on official UTSA social media pages (Facebook, Twitter).

What are official resources/links for me to use during inclement weather?